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Currency: Dram (AMD), 1€=400.17 AMD
Visa – Passport: For Eu citizens Visa is not required. For further details (and for non EU citizens) check this page
Insurance: You can buy it from the borders. As soon as you pass the border station, you will see lots of insurance offices. Probably some people will try to help you. They will ask about 20€ per bike, but it can be dropped to 10€.
Time zone: GMT +4
Banks: There are several ATM in almost all cities (especially in big cities) that accept debit cards. Perhaps you need to go to more than one to achieve compatibility with your card. Credit cards are not widely accepted.
Fuel: Unleaded: 510 AMD (1.27€) (11/2018). Unleaded 95 is listed as “Premium”. Only few gas stations accept credit cards.
Equipment: Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
Maximum Allowed Blood Alcohol Level: 0%
Speed limits: Motorways 110 kms, Main roads outside cities 90 kms, Inside cities 60 kms.
Fines: There are several radars on the main roads and inside cities. Police presence is discreet.
Tolls: None applicable.
Specificities: Pay attention to the local drivers and to the cows that are on the road everywhere (except Yerevan).
Signs: Usually the signs are in English and in many cases, in Russian too.
Useful Phone Numbers:
Ambulance: 103
Police: 102
Fire Department: 101

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* If you are from Armenia or have been recently in Armenia and you would like to add some information or correct some of the above listed, do not hesitate to contact us.

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