Translated by: John Agrafiotis

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2022 @ 7:48 pm

Driving license: EU citizens just need the European driving licence. Non EU citizens must have an International Driving Permit (IDP). The IDP is needed for the occupied zone.
Visa – Passport: All members of the European Economic Area (EU states plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) as well as Switzerland do not need a Visa. For further information please check this site. Visas for occupied area can be obtained at borders (no cost, easy crossing).
Border Crossing: There is a typical check between Cyprus and the occupied area.
Insurance: EU citizens just need a Green Card. For non EU citizens, make sure that your International Motor Insurance Card is valid for Cyprus. For your entry to the occupied zone you must pay 15€ for 3 days (for a rental motorcycle) or 20€ for 30 days insurance (the minimum price/period). Above prices were applied on 02/2019.
Fuel: Fuel prices can be found in this page. There are some self service fuel stations. Gasoline price in occupied area is a bit cheaper.
Equipment: Drivers and passengers must wear crash helmets.
Road Signs: Really great traffic signaling with signs in Greek and English. In the occupied area, the traffic signaling is also very good with signs in English too.
Roads: Excellent quality of tarmac, especially on the mountain roads. In the occupied area, the quality of the surface of the road is not so good.
Time Zone: GMT +2
Maximum Allowed Blood Alcohol Level: 0,02%
Electricity: Voltage is 220V. They use mostly British plugs which have three flat, rectangular pins which form a triangle.
Speed limits: For Cyprus and occupied area: Highway Max: 100km/h (62miles/h), Highway Min: 65km/h (40miles/h), Outside built up areas & on rural roads: 80km/h (50miles/h), on built up areas: 50km/h (31miles/h).
Specificities: Drive on the left side of the road (also in the occupied area). Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.
Lights: There are mandatory only during the night, half hour before sunset and half hour after sunrise.
Fines: There are no speed camera or traffic light cameras, except Griva Digeni str, Nicosia. At occupied area there are a lot of speed Cameras at main highways.
Parking: There are a lot parking places for motorcycles.
Tolls: There aren’t any.
Useful Phone Numbers:
Police: 112 ή 199
Fire Departmenet: 112 ή 199
Ambulance: 112 ή 199

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* If you are from Cyprus or have been recently in Cyprus and you would like to add some information or correct some of the above listed, do not hesitate to contact us.

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