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Unknown smells of the orient

I am looking at my parked motorcycle in the yard, and I feel that she winks at me saying: “Hey, you are still here this year? When you will drive me away? ‘. Yiep, we are late this year, but we have kept the best for the end of the summer. Our compass shows to the east, in countries where our wheels haven’t rolled yet. Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. This year group is also upgraded. After many years of friendship and after dozens shots of Cretan raki with our friends from Moto Riders Club, we took the wise (and drunken) decision to make a trip together.

So today our journey starts -along with Natasa- from Chania and tomorrow we will meet with Manolis, George and Stratos in Piraeus, in order to continue our journey to the island of Chios.

On the following map you can watch our trip live, thanks to the live trip traveler application.

For bigger resolution map click here.

Bon voyage (to all of us)!

Information about countries

Translated by: John Agrafiotis

Here we will try to give you some information about some countries. It’s a bit difficult to keep this page up to date so if you can add or correct something or help in any way, we would be grateful.

As a beginning, let’s start with 10 general tips that mostly apply for the European countries, before we move on to analyze the particularities of each country:

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