Translated by: John Agrafiotis

Latest update: Dec 18, 2023 @ 7:39 pm

Currency: Moldavian Leu, 1€=0.98 MDL.
Driving license: When you enter Moldova, you must have an International Driving Permit.
Visa – Passport Citizens of the European Union, Canada, Georgia, Holy See, Iceland, Japan, Principality of Andorra, Principality of Monaco, Principality of Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, State of Israel, Swiss Confederation, and USA, do not need a visa to enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova. More info can be found here.
Border Crossings: Expect delays. Exiting Transnistria is an experience itself. Usually you have to bribe everyone in order to pass.
Insurance: EU citizens just need a Green Card. For non EU citizens, make sure that your International Motor Insurance Card is valid for Moldova.
Time Zone: GMT +0
Banks: Most ATMs at Chisinau accept cash cards. Outside the capital, it’s hard to find an ATM that accepts cards from foreign banks. Credit cards are not widely accepted.
Fuel: Unleaded 95 (Premium 95): 0,80€ (12/2020). Only central gas stations accept credit cards.
Lights: Drivers must drive with the headlights on, from November to March.
Maximum Allowed Blood Alcohol Level: 0,03%
Speed Limits: In Moldova, the speed limit on highways is 90km/h and in built-up areas it’s 60km/h.
Fines: It is rumored that the police frequently stops vehicles to check and usually they ask you to bribe them. So it is advisable to have small bills with you. Once again, it’s only rumors… From my experience I have never been stopped, so I can’t tell.
Tolls: Not applied for motorcycles.
Useful Phone Numbers:
Ambulance: 112
Police: 112
Fire Department: 112

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* If you are from Moldova or have been recently in Moldova and you would like to add some information or correct some of the above listed, do not hesitate to contact us.

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