Bosnia & Herzegovina

Translated by: John Agrafiotis

Last updated: Βοσνία & Ερζεγοβίνη

Currency: Bosnian Mark (ΒΑΜ), 1€=1.96 BAM. Euro (€) is widely accepted.
Driving license: International driving license is required.
Visa – Passport: Bosnia and Herzegovina can only be entered with a valid passport. EU, American and Canadian citizens do not require a visa to enter the country. Most other people need a visa and getting one is possible through the Bosnian embassies in your respective countries.
Border Crossings: Simple procedures during the entry just show your passport and your green card.
Insurance: EU citizens just need a Green Card. For non EU citizens, make sure that your International Motor Insurance Card is valid for Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Time Zone: GMT+1
Banks: There are many ATM machines in all major towns and cities. US dollars, British pounds, Yens and other major currencies can be exchanged at the banks and exchange offices that are present in most major towns. They also swap your leftover KMs back into any of these main currencies. Most banks do not have a fixed fee, but take a percentage of the total amount. As this percentage varies, you should do a bit of research before exchanging large amounts of money. Although credit cards are increasingly widely accepted in major towns, you should not rely on them.
Fuel: Unleaded (Eurosuper 95): 1,47€ (09/2023). Credit cards are accepted in some fuel stations. It’s hard to find a fuel station in a secondary road.
Lights: Mandatory 24h.
Equipment: Drivers and passengers must wear crash helmets.
Maximum Allowed Blood Alcohol Level: 0.031%
Speed Limits: 60 km/h (37 mph) on built up areas, 80 km/h (50 mph) outside built up areas, 100 km/h (62 mph) on expressways (cesta za motorna vozila), 130 km/h (81 mph) on motorways (autoput or autocesta). The above limits apply only if there are no other signs, as the signs may set a lower or a higher speed limit (limits of 80 km/h or higher can also be found on built up areas).
Fines: Traffic police can give on the spot fines for any traffic violation. There are lots of radars especially on the main roads. Drivers coming from the opposite direction will signal you by flashing their lights to warn you.
Tolls: Tolls are charged in a part of the A1 motorway section in front of Sarajevo. Payment of toll fees can be made in Bosnian Mark, euro or credit card. Note that they do not accept euro coins.
Useful Phone Numbers:
Ambulance: 94
Police: 92
Fire Department: 93

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* If you are from Bosnia & Herzegovina or have been recently in Bosnia & Herzegovina and you would like to add some information or correct some of the above listed, do not hesitate to contact us.

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